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CR2 MotorSports recently acquired all of the parts and jigs for the Cobalt Superkarts.  Currently there is one chassis coming out the jig and should be completed shortly.

Check back for more updates.......CR



Basically Finished up the front section of the kart with pedals, etc.  Received the parts from the waterjet that I designed, they look cool!  I checked the fit of everything and they look good.  I'm in the process of building a fixture to weld up the axle bearing brackets so each one is exactly the same.




Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Chassis went out to the powder coater for a fresh coat of Cobalt blue.

Finishing up the small pieces that are going out to the plater for nickel and yellow zinc.

Also new to the shop is engine dyno that we're working on.  The dyno will record all data RPM, EGT, Water Temp, and Lambda, through Sport Devices SP1 data logger.  Check out the dyno files Dyno Files

CR2 Motorsports is now the US distributor for Sport Devices products.  Check them out on the web, and contact me if interested.  I will be adding them soon to the site. Sport Devices

6-27-2012  It's been a while since I have updated the site, I have been working on getting the rest of the parts for the Superkart finished and plated so I can start assembly.   I received the nickel and yellow zinc plated parts today, check out the photos pages.  I start assembly very soon, stay tuned for new pictures.

 6-27-2012  Dyno is up and running, did over 36 pulls in a couple of hours, picked up over 1 hp!!!  Check back on the Dyno Files page  for more updated pictures and video.

 7-14-2012  Posted a quick video of the Dyno in action,  I will post some more professional looking videos in the future. 

7-29-2012  Started on new Titanium 125 chassis, this will be a long track 125 chassis similar in design as the Cobalt but with several differences.  The Titanium will be built with 1-1/4" .065 4130 chrome molly tubing main frame rails and dog legs, where the Cobalt is built from .083" wall Mild steel.  Check the photos in the Titanium section of the photo area.

  8-18-2012  Added Guestbook,  please sign up and received updates on all of our projects!!!

 12-1-2012 The holiday season is here!!!!

Titanium chassis Tested at OVRP last month, shows lost of promise.

CR2 MotorSports is a now a Hot Rods/Hot Cams Dealer, also Vertex Pistons.

CR2 MotorSports is a Crank Works Dealer.

Working on 10th anniversary Laguna Superkart with the same motor and chassis combination that decimated the ICE class at Laguna in 2003.

 3-23-2013  Lots of new stuff happening!!!!

A couple of weeks away from the our first race with the East Coast Superkart Series ESK

Almost completed Cobalt CRF450




It's been a while!!!!

I have for sale a 2003 CRF450/501 Ultimate Stroker Motor

 This is the ultimate CRF450 motor!!!  501cc
It was built for a Superkart, won many races and set many track records!!!
Dyno's at 68HP+

Falicon 3mm stroker crank with Knife Edge Rod, Balanced and Polished.
Falicon 12.5:1 Forged Piston
Ice Cube Billet 2mm Over Cylinder
Phil Darcey CNC ported head with Oversized Titanium Valves
Phil Darcey Cam and adjustable Sprocket
Exhaust Rocker Mod
Titanium Valve Spring Retainers
STM slipper Clutch
Billet Cam Chain Tensioner
Vortex Programmed Ignition with Switch
Remote Starter Modification, Can easily be put back...
Motor has break in time only.....

Add up everything, it would cost over $10,000 to build this motor from scratch...
Selling for replacement cost of the head alone...

 $2800 obo